When you choose Quality By Design to landscape and illuminate your home, you’re upgrading your home environment into a perfectly lit oasis. Regarding lighting, we have various installation and lamp options to bring your home from a dark abode to a bright, radiant retreat.

Once you have your new trees and shrubs explicitly designed for your home, your next step is to choose which lighting options you would like to use to highlight your new landscape.

Quality By Design installs fixtures manufactured by Alliance, a company that provides what we feel are the best fixtures in the industry. The majority of their fixtures are high-quality brass with LED lights.

The type of fixtures we install are bullet, tree flood, and path lights, along with a corresponding transformer with a stainless-steel enclosure.

If you choose us to install our lighting, irrigation, sod, and landscape packages, coming home every night will be a joy. Upon entering your residence, the path lights guide your way past your greenery to your door, welcoming you home every night.

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